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Fermenthé T-Revive 8 Beneficial Thai Herbs

Fermenthé T-Revive 8 Beneficial Thai Herbs

Detailed Description


Fermenthé T-Revive 8 Beneficial Thai Herbs


- 50% white tea

- Green tea 42%

- Mulberry 1%

- Pandan leaves 1%

- Jiaogulan 1%

- safflower 1%

- Chrysanthemum 1%

- Chamomile 1%

- Ganoderma lucidum 1%

- Gooseberry 1%


30 Pieces / Box

Net Weight : 36 Grams

Price : 590 ฿

Benefit :

- Helps reduce blood fat levels.

- Helps reduce blood sugar levels.

- Helps reduce the accumulation of sediment in the blood from cholesterol.

- Helps reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

- Helps strengthen immunity against viruses.

- High in antioxidants.

- Helps to relax and concentrate.

- Benefit from 8 herbs.

- Includes DSL, EGCG, and Theaflavin.

590.00 THB
Last Update:
19 September 2022
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