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Ms Organics

Ms Organics

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Miss Organic Co., Ltd. is a company that was established to produce and distributes organic products for health to be an alternative Provide consumers who want products that are beneficial to the body and health. The main products are Fermente Kombucha with honey ready to drink, Fermente T-Revive, white tea with 8 herbs, Kombucha Pure Lamoon Serum. Sugar free herbal candy and alcohol hand spray, hand care, green tea scent.


Ms. Organics, มิส ออร์กานิคส์, Fermenthe', เฟอร์เมนเต้, T-Revive, ที-รีไวฟ์, Honey Vinegar Tea, ชาหมักผสมน้ำผึ้ง, LuckYim , ลูกอมลักยิ้ม, Sparkling Kombucha, PureLamoon Serum, เซรั่ม เพียวลามูน

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12 October 2022
Ms Organics Ms. Organics มิส ออร์กานิคส์ Fermenthe' เฟอร์เมนเต้ T-Revive ที-รีไวฟ์ Honey Vinegar Tea ชาหมักผสมน้ำผึ้ง LuckYim ลูกอมลักยิ้ม Sparkling Kombucha PureLamoon Serum เซรั่ม เพียวลามูน Ms.organics
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Fermenthé Kombucha Tea Light taste

Net Weight : 100 ml.

฿ 510 Inquiry

Fermen Thé T- Revive (Fermente T-Revive) White tea mixed with green tea mixed with 8 herbs, reduce sugar, reduce blood fat. build immunity Antioxidant

Kombucha Serum

Kombucha fermented tea leaf serum From natural extracts, reduce acne, blemishes, detox the skin at the cellular level.

Detox tea

detox herbal tea is an organic herb that help drive waste from the body, nourish hormones.

Fermenthé Alcohol Hand Spray Green Tea Scent

Fermenthé Alcohol Hand Spray Green Tea Scent 5 Pieces/Pack Net Weight : 18 ml.

฿ 245 Inquiry
Redness reduction serum

with pure extracts from Centella asiatica The power of science combines the gentleness of nature for radiant, lively skin. From the wisdom of using natural herbs.

sleep aid tea

Green tea contains a substance called L-theanine, which is a soothing and sleep-promoting substance. But to drink green tea to sleep well.

Diet Tea

Green tea is a healthy tea. not a weight loss pill Eating and not getting slim right away because it's not a drug. The people who saw the most results were those who ate during the diet.