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fermented tea

fermented tea

Detailed Description

Kombucha, or fermented tea, is a drink that people have been familiar with for thousands of years. And it is believed that this drink has many health benefits.


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12 October 2022
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Fermenthé Kombucha Tea Original taste

Net Weight : 100 ml.

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Luckyim Herbal Candy

Net Weight 2.7 grams

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blood sugar lowering tea

Herbal infusion tea Properties : Health maintenance, reduce blood sugar, nourish the heart.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea, produced from organic farming, chemical free, fragrant, delicious, suitable for those who love health, prevent disease, balance the body.


Kombucha is a drink that has many health benefits. It has properties like tea. Rich in antioxidants that help destroy bacteria, germs.

Healthy Tea

health tea Made from quality tea plantations, organic farms, quality from planting to harvest.

Fermenthe Stronger (Limited Edition)

Fermenthe' ชาหมักคอมบูชะ รุ่น Stronger (Limited Edition)

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