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Let's get to know the tea that people like todrink

Let's get to know the tea that people like todrink


“Tea” is a health drink that has been around for thousands of years. Anyone who has ever had to experience the fragrance. The deliciousness of different types of tea with properties that are rich in benefits. helps to relax warm the body As a result, tea has become a popular drink for people all over the world. But it would be nice if we could open up new experiences and taste teas that we had never drank. Although tea is a beverage that can be found all over the world. But the popular tea for each country is different. Both from the culture, way of life, living, diverse groups of people, such as tea that Chinese and Japanese people like to drink, are teas that are very meticulous in brewing. While the tea that British people like to drink is tea that prioritizes the drinking time rather than the brewing method, for example.


Today, Ms.Organics will take everyone to know the tea that people drink from all over the world. What tea will there be? Come and see!


Popular tea from neighbors around the world. What's up?

Although it is a universal drink that is popular all over the world. But the popular teas of each region are completely different in shape, taste, smell, and ingredients. The tea that is popular in other countries that we talk about today is very distinctive in its own way. Because it's not just a drink But it is something that reflects their culture and way of life.


“Matcha Green Tea”, a popular tea from Japan.

Matcha green tea is considered the most popular tea in Japan. It is a very famous tea. I believe that many Thai people should know and be familiar with this matcha green tea. with the good properties of matcha Therefore, people are very popular to drink. both contain antioxidants Both help to adjust the mood to relax. It also helps to adjust the balance in the body. Detox the body and help lose weight as well.


"Darjeeling Tea", a special tea from the Himalayas.

Darjeeling tea is a very famous Indian tea. Cultivated in the Himalayas It has been called the Champagne of Tea. with the cultivation of high mountains The temperature difference during the day is therefore very high. warm day frosty night Darjeeling tea has a different flavor than other local teas. It is a tea with a unique aroma and rich taste. Has properties to help prevent cardiovascular disease. high in antioxidants help fight cancer And helps the nervous system to be awake as well.


“Ney Tea”, a unique exotic tea from Tibet.

From the name, it is not difficult to guess that it is a tea with butter. It is a tea that is very popular in Tibet. According to Tibetan traditions, butter derived from cows is not used. Instead, they use butter derived from indigenous animals such as “Yak” or the yak. ​​Tibetan tea is filled with milk, butter and salt, giving it a nice aroma. It has a sweet and bitter taste of tea. It has a creamy texture that is different from other types of tea. The reason why I have to put butter in tea is because Tibet is cold. Drinking hot, fat-filled tea will warm the body. It also has properties that have a beneficial effect on the heart. Helps relieve constipation and reduce stomach acid


"Mint Tea", a unique tea from Morocco.

Mint tea originated from Morocco's adaptation of tea to create a new tea drink and have its own tea culture, "Maghrabi Mint Tea" or "Moroccan tea". where ordinary tea is mixed with spearmint leaves Sometimes, peppermint leaves are sometimes blended into Doublemint Tea, giving Moroccan mint tea a fresh mint aroma and a unique bittersweet blend. who It has properties that help the body relax. sleep easier Reduces inflammation and helps the skin glow.


"Pearl Milk Tea", a popular tea in Thailand, but did you know that it's from Taiwan?

Bubble tea originated from a small country, but full of quality like "Taiwan". So invented to bring sago to boil sugar and drink with tea. With the attractiveness and matching taste of bubble tea As a result, this drink is very popular. It has become a popular tea all over the world. including Thailand as well


Did you know? What tea is popular in Thailand?

After getting to know the famous tea that is unique to the neighboring countries. In Thailand, there is also a popular tea to drink. Tea is a fragrant drink. It has properties that are very good for the body. Until now, it has been processed into a healthy tea. Whether mixed with flowers, plants or other herbs to become a unique herbal tea that Thai people drink very much. In addition to herbal tea, it has a good aroma and taste. Herbal teas also have properties that are good for the body as well.


Pandan herbal tea

Usually we see pandan leaves as an ingredient in desserts. But nowadays, pandan leaves are also found in the form of herbal teas as well. Pandan herbal tea gives a light aroma and refreshes the body. Pandan leaves have many properties such as nourishing the nerves and nourishing the heart. Help balance in the body. can help reduce blood pressure, etc.


Centella Asiatica Herbal Tea

Centella asiatica is a local medicinal plant, fragrant and slightly bitter. We often hear the phrase "bruise in, eat Centella asiatica", but actually Centella asiatica has more medicinal properties than we thought. Both help relieve bruising in reduce inflammation Helps nourish the nerves and brain helps the body relax can help reduce stress


Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

Chrysanthemum flower tea has a golden yellow appearance. The specialty of Chrysanthemum flower is that it is a decaffeinated herb. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages and genders. It is a medicinal herb that has a cooling effect. Helps relieve heat in the headache, has anti-inflammatory effect. boost immunity Helps the body relax and sleep well.


Safflower Herbal Tea

Safflower is a medicinal flower that has many properties. When used to make tea, it has a golden yellow color. Mild aroma, mellow, easy to drink, with outstanding benefits in reducing fat. and reduce cholesterol in the blood Help the blood system in the body to circulate well. help nourish the heart make the heart stronger


Mulberry Herbal Tea

Mulberry is one of the herbs that Thai people like to consume for health. It has a bland, cool taste and a unique flavor. not astringent and not bitter Contains little caffeine Boiled with drinking water can help sweating, fever, fever, including as a sedative. Has properties to prevent the absorption of blood sugar. Helps reduce blood sugar levels reduce stress stimulates nerve cells


The 5 types of teas mentioned above are just some of the teas that are popular to drink in Thailand only. There are also many healthy teas that are useful as well, such as ginger tea, fermented tea, tangerine tea, etc. In addition to the different aromas and flavors according to the distinctive characteristics of each herb. The properties of each type of tea are different as well. Drinking tea is not just to quench your thirst. But tea made from various herbs has properties that help maintain the body as well. If we choose to drink tea to meet the needs of our own body. This herbal tea can nourish the body as well as take care of yourself in other ways.


Drink tea wisely: when to drink tea is good for health

Drink tea immediately after brewing.

Should drink tea immediately after brewing. Should not be left for more than 2 hours because the tea that has just been brewed is rich in many important substances such as caffeine, EGCG, which are important substances that have antioxidant properties. to increase energy and fat metabolism It has a beneficial effect on body weight control. If the tea is left for a long time, these important substances will be reduced.


Drink tea 2 - 3 hours after eating.

Drinking strong tea 2 - 3 hours after eating will help stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Helps to digest vitamins better But if you are the type of person who drinks tea regularly Or people with gastritis should sip light tea instead of dark tea because drinking dark tea will make the stomach acid secretion too much. and result in stomach irritation


Drink tea at least 30 minutes before your workout.

There is an experimental study showing that if 1 - 2 teaspoons of pure green tea is brewed in 200 ml of hot water and drunk 30 - 45 minutes before exercise. will help the body to be rejuvenated Can exercise continuously for a longer time and increase fat burning during exercise up to 2 times


Drinking tea before bed can help you sleep better.

Drinking warm tea before bed can help you sleep better. Because the warmth of the tea will warm the body and feel relaxed. when the body is warm There will be an order to instruct the brain that it's time to rest the body. Make us sleep well enough. Teas suitable for drinking before bedtime include chamomile tea, peppermint tea, oolong tea, fermented tea with L-Theanine, etc.


It's not difficult to make your own quality tea.

Ever wondered why the popular tea has such a delicious and unique taste? Many people may think tea is tea How it brews, it tastes like that kind of tea. but in fact The taste of tea depends on many factors, including time, water temperature, and brewing. The amount of brewing, etc., all of these causes change the taste of the tea. Therefore, we have to consider the suitability of each type of tea. Today, Ms.organics has a good technique for making tea for everyone. If followed correctly You will definitely be drinking delicious and quality tea. Let's see what techniques are there.


Basic principles of tea making.

Choose quality tea leaves.

Choose a tea that is completely dry. The color is smooth and homogeneous. no rancid smell no impurities The tea leaves after drinking must be intact. not too small not too big.


Use water properly

The water used for making tea must be fresh, clean, and free from any other odors. And do not use water that has been boiled many times. because the water will have less oxygen As a result, the tea has a bland taste, lack of softness, should not use mineral water. or drinking tap water to make tea.


The water temperature must be appropriate.

different water temperature will give the tea a different flavor The optimum temperature for tea brewing is 70 - 100 degrees Celsius.


The temperature of the container is equally important.

Before brewing tea, we should scald the tea container with hot water. Both the teapot and the teacup This will reduce the temperature difference between the tea and the container. This allows the brewed tea to retain heat for a longer time.


Use the time to brew properly.

The length of time it takes to brew tea is linked to its maturity. which depends on the preferences of each person But the standard length of time that makes the tea taste fit. Not too soft and not too dark, such as 40 - 60 seconds (brew the first tea). If you continue to brew tea, add another 10 - 15 minutes, depending on individual preferences.


The tea making equipment must be perfect.

One thing that is important but many people overlook is the teapot. They may think that they are similar, but in fact, the teapot that enhances the flavor the most is the clay pot. who also use clay pots to brew tea Because clay pots can retain heat and retain the tea aroma better than other types of teapots, both of good quality, heat resistant and not easily broken.


Tea is a drink full of science and art. It is a delicate drink. reflect the culture way of life in different areas as well. To make good tea or to drink a type of tea Must be very meticulous You have to pay attention and use a lot of detail. It is considered one of the drinks with a high unique charm. This makes tea become the most popular beverage in the world that is second only to water. If you have tried to learn more about tea. You will find that tea has many more miracles waiting for you to experience.


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